14th International Navigation Forum

The central event of year in the field of the use of satellite navigation technologies in the Russian Federation and EAEU countries.
The main purpose of the Forum is to inform Russian and foreign audience about state policies in the field of the development and use of GLONASS technologies, to analyze technology and market trends of the navigation industry in Russia and the whole world, including perspective directions of different kinds of unmanned transport, to discuss a status and development prospects of products and services using navigation technologies, as well as opportunities for international collaboration and cooperation in the field of navigation activities.
The agenda of the 14th International Navigation Forum is designed for developers and consumers of products and services using navigation technologies, and is devoted to important issues of their application and development.
The Forum attendees will directly receive information about issues of legal and technical regulations of using navigation technologies, get introduced to existing offers and advanced developments of navigation equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers, to navigation and information systems,
solutions and services for different economic sectors and mass consumer categories.
During plenary sessions, plenary discussions and thematic sections they will discuss important issues of regulating navigation activities, creating favorable conditions for the development, introduction, export and international cooperation, as well as developing perspective directions of using navigation technologies, such as unmanned transport, services for connected cars, new models using motor transport.
Target Audience:

State enterprises and organizations:
  • Representatives of state agencies responsible for the implementation of the federal target program "Global Navigation System", for the development and introduction of  navigation services on federal and regional levels.
  • Representatives of regional, municipal and district administrations
  • Rescue and emergency response services
  • Passenger transport establishments
  • Representatives of municipal and regional housing and communal services (Representatives of organizations responsible for trash pickup, cleanup, infrastructure repairs (electricity, gas, water)
  • Land utilization control organizations Geodesy and cartography
  • Road-building and operating organizations (Representatives of these organizations responsible for vehicle operations and operational planning)
  • Construction companies having big fleets of motor vehicles and specialty vehicles
  • Developers and manufacturers of subscriber equipment and system applications for this sector of the market
Motor transport:
  • Motor carriers and large organizations with their own motor vehicle fleets (Heads of IT departments and control centers)
  • Logistics and freight companies
  • Insurance companies (Heads and managers responsible for the development of new services and programs)
  • Developers and manufacturers of subscriber equipment and system applications for this sector of the market

Mass consumer market:
  • Developers, suppliers of equipment with navigation functions for mass consumers. Dealers and trading networks
  • Mobile network operators (Representatives of companies responsible for developing and delivering VAS, including LBS)
  • Content providers
  • Providers of security and search services
  • Representatives of foreign companies developing navigation equipment and providing services based on satellite navigation
Insurance telematics market:
  • Russian insurance companies providing or considering providing smart insurance services
  • Foreign players of the insurance market
  • Automobile manufacturers and auto dealers using, in the partnership with insurance companies, these services while selling their products
  • Developers and manufacturers of telematics equipment designed for technical support to smart insurance services provision
  • Developers of software for providing smart insurance services, system integrators, mobile apps developers
  • Experts in the field of auto insurance, including insurance legislation
  • Developers and providers of system solutions and equipment in the field of IoT and connected car technologies