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Drones and highly developed navigation infrastructure will be introduced into Megacities by 2040

4 марта 2019

Experts of the Association "GLONASS/GNSS-Forum" conducted a set of studies on the use of Autonet technologies.

The most important direction of development of motor transport and auto navigation is the cars robotization. We are talking about assisting technologies, the number of which is steadily growing and improving. Experts have identified such technologies as assistants during emergency braking (such as ABS), when making climbs and descents, and also at movement on impassability (off road) system, "cruise control", and the light control suspension, a-round camera, Parking assistance and when driving on the road.

The output of the first unmanned vehicles on public roads can occur not earlier than 2021 and only under the driver control. At the same time, by 2035 the market of unmanned vehicles in the world is estimated at 2.5-3.0 billion dollars. According to experts of the Association, self-driving transport in major cities will appear by 2040. Such a late date is due to the fact that for the reliable functioning of the drones need a highly developed navigation infrastructure, primarily high-precision satellite navigation systems, which are most likely to appear in large cities, which are large, complex and highly demanded transport hubs.

Source: Herald GLONASS